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Hundreds of powerful stock assets within a few clicks


Open new financial opportunities and trade financial derivatives on tech stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Netflix. Time has shown and proved that tech giants are hard-shell and crisis-proof. Ride the crests of stock waves with Capixal.


iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs are the most popular Apple devices all over the world. Every year thousands of Apple lovers are waiting for new company updates and new iPhones to buy, making its revenue and popularity explode.

Apple aapl



When it comes to ground-breaking ideas, the first thing that will cross your mind can be Tesla. Despite selling battery-powered cars, Tesla deals with tech innovations. The company is known worldwide and found its niche on the market.

Tesla tsla



Amazon is the best example of the Internet miracle. Started as a small local company, Amazon took over the market and became far more than a retail company. Nowadays, Amazon is a cloud service provider and a technological giant.

Amazon amzn



In 2020 Zoom became a golden pill for everyone. Zoom propelled its growth and became far more than just a tool for business. Nowadays, people use the app for meeting with family and friends, doing sport, taking Japanese classes, and having online meetings.

Zoom zm



If there were no Google, our Internet would not have been the same. Google changed the way we search for information and the way we do our business. It ignited hundreds of new jobs and transformed the life of the whole world. Today Google goes further than just a search engine, and it’s a multi-billion tech company that is growing at a blistering pace.

Google googl



Alibaba Group owns the largest B2B and C2C online marketplaces. The company isn’t limited to online retail. Alibaba’s cloud computing services are also growing and taking even the bigger niche on the market.

Alibaba baba



Started as a social network for students, Facebook Inc. became one of the most expensive companies in the world. Now it’s the most prominent social network in the world that connects people of various nationalities and locations. Apart from social media, Facebook owns a few top-chart apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, and others.

Facebook fb



Netflix is the king of video streaming, with over 182 million active subscribers all over the world. The company started just as a platform for watching popular series and TV shows. Nowadays, Netflix produces and films new series and movies

Netflix nflx


Take advantage of the regulated trading environment

Tap into the world of trading with Capixal and discover the financial opportunities opened by trading financial derivatives on significant stocks. We designed our platform by keeping all the traders’ needs in our mind. Explore the ultimate features of Capixal.

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    European regulation

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    User-friendly trading platform

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    24/5 support

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    Trading from any device

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    Superb security and transparency

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    Dynamic price live charts

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    Instant market access

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    Free educational materials

Three steps to start trading financial derivatives

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    Sign up and fill in your personal information

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    Deposit funds to your account via your preferable way

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    You’re all set to trade financial derivatives

Is trading financial derivatives for me?

The stock market is highly volatile and reacts to world events at a blistering pace while creating plenty of trading opportunities. With Capixal, you don’t need to buy and own an individual stock. You can trade financial derivatives on multiple stocks at the same time. Financial derivatives allow traders to speculate on price movements and benefit either from prices going up or down.

Trading requires both skills and knowledge. Capixal provides you with free learning materials to help you work out your individual trading strategy and minimize the risks.

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